Daily Tarot Reading for 💚August 28, 2k19 💚

Daily Tarot Reading for 💚August 28, 2k19 💚

Daily Tarot Reading for 💚August 28, 2k19 💚

1 Card Pull: Queen of Cults

The Queen of Cults, it’s time to rule!!!! The queen of cults knows that with her many responsibilities, her most important is herself. She knows the importance of number one, so she can tend to everyone else’s needs/wants within her cult. She needs to be okay so she can lead others. She doesn’t mind working really really really really hard, as long as she has the rest to back it.

She’s truly a self-made Queen, and so much so that everyone knows it and respects it and VALUES HER. They come to her for guidance, help, wishing, well beings. She’s a witch that doesn’t have to hide her magick. She walks with it outright, showcasing it.

When she’s coming your way, you don’t have to get out of the way - she’s coming to see how you’re doing. And that’s the kindness of this Queen; Leads by example, and gives a shit. Maybe it’s time for a Queen of Cults to rule? 

Deck: The Wizards Tarot by Dakota Cates (@wizardsofbardes on IG!)

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