Daily Tarot Reading for 💀 July 16, 2k19 💀

Daily Tarot Reading for 💀 July 16, 2k19 💀

Daily Tarot Reading for 💀 July 16, 2k19 💀

1 Card Reading: Death

I received the most wonderful gift yesterday from The Luminous Void • I haven’t been this excited about a deck in a long time! The colors, the art work, the inspiration, the backing, the shape: you can tell this deck was made with lots of love. I went thru every card on my story yesterday and you can hear about my vetting process with the fabulous creatrix Laura Zuspan

Today’s gift to you from The Luminous Void is the Death Card - and no card is as warranted as this right now with 5 planets retrograde along with their old asteroid pal Chiron. Full moon lunar eclipse in Capricorn tonight; it is in fact time for death, time to close a chapter for yourself. Maybe it goes back to the Capricorn eclipse earlier this year on January 5. Maybe it goes back farther. 

For me, as a Capricorn rising, I am ready to bury old work habits and habits that create burn out. I am learning to honor myself and my stamina, and to not push myself. I know what’s right for me. Just like I know you can feel what’s right for you.  

Enjoy this message today and please feel free to share your thoughts on the card, the message, or the wonderful The Luminous Void tarot deck. ✨🌈✨ 

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