Daily Tarot Reading for 🎃 October 26, 2k19 🎃

Daily Tarot Reading for 🎃 October 26, 2k19 🎃

Daily Tarot Reading for 🎃 October 26, 2k19 🎃

3 Card Pull: Nine of Bats, Ten of Bats & The Star

Tonight I'm going to the Anaheim City Downtown Halloween parade! And then I’m reading tarot at a family party. 

This mornings reading is a reminder to find peace and tranquility and moments of divinity in the chaos. One thing I tried so hard to learn while working in a job I was depressed at was to not just “get thru” the day to get to the fun stuff. There were so many times I told myself “well you can be happy and stress-free AFTER this deadline” or AFTER this project or due date. Or AFTER you have full management teams in every store.

And that time never came. It was constant, perpetual stress. That I put on myself. And you can’t live a fulfilling life waiting for “things” to pass for you to feel happy. Happiness, exhilaration, moments of tenderness and compassion can exist in every moment - even when the world seems stacked up against you. Even when you keep yourself up at night with your wild ideas and thoughts.
Learn to relax. Lean into all moments, even ones that are uncomfortable. Take a breath.

The stars are always there to shine in the darkness. 🌟

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