Daily Tarot Reading for 💥October 9, 2k19 💥

Daily Tarot Reading for 💥October 9, 2k19 💥

Daily Tarot Reading for 💥October 9, 2k19 💥

3 Card Pull: Page of Imps, Nine of Ghosts & Seven of Ghosts

There’s several people looking to you now, to watch your next steps, actions, and words to see how you share the wealth of knowledge you’ve been storing. You have experience, a story, resources that people need right now. Are you able to share? Are you able to give? You’re surrounded by abundance and richness; how will you give some of it back?

What is the final evolution of this process? Where do you go from here?

Several questions to work out, and hopefully you figure it out soon because people are waiting. Not for a hand out, but for a hand. For a help up. For some guidance. And you my friend, have the experience and wherewithal to do it.
Buckle up. The end of this chapter ain’t gonna be easy. But it /is/going to be rewarding.

Deck: Halloween Tarot by Kipling West

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