Daily Tarot Reading for 🎃September 1, 2k19 🎃

Daily Tarot Reading for 🎃September 1, 2k19 🎃

Daily Tarot Reading for 🎃September 1, 2k19 🎃

2 Card Pull: The Hanged Man & Barmbrack

It’s time to stop fooling ourselves and let ourselves off the hook. We hold ourselves back from what we want the most because society tells us we can’t have it, but that’s not true. Nor is that in your divine nature to think this way. 

Right now, you may be unlearning a lot of harmful patterns. Right now you may be trying to break free or break away from something that’s stagnant in your life. And maybe you stop yourself because you think “why me?” Or “can I actually do this?” And the answer is yes. The universe gives you all the tools and all the ways to play and create - you just need to figure out how to use them. 

If you let sweetness and softness enter your life, you’ll see how things ease up and how you can start to go with the divine flow of creation. 

Decks; Halloween Oracle by Stacey Demarco
Halloween Tarot by Kipling West

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