21 Tarot Questions with Hype Priestess & Friends ✧ Erika Archer of Truth Intuitions

21 Tarot Questions with Hype Priestess & Friends ✧ Erika Archer of Truth Intuitions

21 Tarot Questions with Hype Priestess & Friends ✧ Erika Archer of Truth Intuitions


Thanks for tuning into the 2nd ever 21 Tarot Questions with Hype Priestess and Friends!

I fudged up and did the one thing I said I wouldn't do - which was not save the live from my instagram! So I had to screen record this interview (this will not happen again, sorry folx!) There are just a few sound errors at the end of this recording, but other than that it's all good! I fixed this error, now having done it twice, and it will not be like this moving forward! I apologize!

This interview is with Miss Erika Archer of Truth Intuitions in Long Beach. She is a psychic intuitive tarot reader out of Long Beach California. She is a personal friend of mine, and I have been featured on their YouTube several times, including our monthly talk show TRUTH TEA & PILLOW TALK! To find Erika, see below.

Time Stamps:
2:48 Erika Joins Live
4:18 Question 0
7:38 Question 1
8:40 Question 2
10:04 Question 3
11:58 Question 4
13:33 Question 5
15:45 Question 6
17:01 Question 7
18:29 Question 8
20:39 Question 9
21:45 Question 10
22:30 Question 11
23:59 Question 12
25:23 Question 13
26:12 Question 14
27:09 Question 15
30:12 Question 16
33:08 Question 17
34:34 Question 18
37:16 Question 19
38:41 Question 20
40:13 Question 21

Hype Erika At:
Instagram: @MissErikaArcher and @TruthIntuitions
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Co-Bosswitch of TruthIntuitions.com
Co-Creator of @TruthDecks
Erika's Featured Tarot Deck: Tarot Apokalysis

21 Tarot Questions was created to immerse new readers (or anyone!) into the world of tarot. As a professional tarot reader, one of the most common questions I get is "How did you start?" or "How can I start reading tarot?" and although I can't answer that question for you, I can SHOW you how everyone's journey's started, and how everyone's tarot journey's are different.

Hopefully this encourages you to pick up a deck, or a reading! You can catch a new tarot reader LIVE on instagram every Monday at 10:00am PST, and then again for 24 hour story replay, and finally on YouTube where the interviews will live forever.

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