Witch Walk Coven Box

Witch Walk Coven Box

Witch Walk Coven Box

We've been working hard all month to bring you something brand new! For all the folks who want to experience Witch Walk DTSA, but aren't able to because of distance, finances, unsupportive friends&family, or other reasons - we bring you the extremely limited ☽WITCH WALK COVEN BOX☾

This is a heavily curated box that will bring you only the finest quality items as well as services from hand-selected vendors each month.
This first test run was able to come together so quickly because of my incredible friends who agreed wholeheartedly to join me in this project.

At 5pm on Saturday, October 19th the Witch Walk DTSA Coven Box will be releasing here on the Hype Priestess website.

What is the Witch Walk Coven Box?

Each month, I aim to hype real witch made items from the vendors of our monthly Witch Walk DTSA event to those of you who have been requesting it and that cannot make it to Downtown Santa Ana. Every month there will also be further selected upgrade healing options available for $33.

What's Witch Walk?

Please see the Witch Walk page here on this website. We strive to make a conscious effort to uphold our Mission Statement.... If you have not read our Mission Statement on the Witch Walk page, we encourage you to do so. 

How much is it?

We are transparent as to what the value of each product inside our curated boxes, details provided inside every box listing. 




Base Price

October 2019

Starter Ritual Kit




How is the value calculated?

These values have been provided to us by the participants themselves and not something we take part of or guesstimate whatsoever.

Where can I purchase a Witch Walk Coven Box?

If Available After Launch, Click The Button To:
Buy Witch Walk Coven Box

Please direct any further inquiries to WitchWalkDTSA@gmail.com