Cologne ✧ Agua de Florida (Florida Water)

Type: Crystal Shop

Cologne ✧ Agua de Florida (Florida Water) is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Florida Water is a sacred spiritual tool, named for the Fountain of Youth which was believed to be in Florida at the time.

Florida Water has gone on a grand transformation since its creation in 1809. It was invented as a toilet bowl cleaner when it was discovered by spiritual practitioners and is still used to this day for multi-faceted purposes.

Spiritually, Florida Water is uplifting and can benefit as a spray, an ointment, a perfume, and bath additive. Florida Water can be used to cleanse crystals, tarot cards, yourself, your home (in a spray bottle) etc. There are many spiritual uses for Florida Water, what will yours be?!

7.5oz. plastic bottle. Strong floral and lemon scent.

Not tested on animals