Witch Walk DTSA Coven Box

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Type: Coven Box

Witch Walk DTSA Coven Box - October Box is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

October Theme: The Ritual Kit

Introducing: The Witch Walk Coven Box! 🔮
First edition, The Ritual Kit Box includes:

There were only 10 boxes made! Each item was made especially for this box, and each was hand-crafted, hand selected, or created by the artist/practitioner. 

1 Box will include a Special Clear Quartz Tower! 

They will be released at 5pm PST

They are $88, shipping included.
For an upgraded price of $33, you can choose a tarot reading, a light language reading, or an ancestor reading by Jenn, Maria, or TeeJay, r

Please see box content & upgrade descriptions down below.

We hope you can experience a little part of Witch Walk by obtaining a box.
We also hope that these will continue to be an on-going offering for the community at large. Thank you for making Witch Walk successful - and trust me, those of you outside of SoCal, we hear you. We know you want Witch Walk in your cities too! This is our way of letting that happen, until we can be there ourselves, of course! ✨

We strive to make a conscious effort to uphold our Mission Statement.... If you have not read our Mission Statement on the Witch Walk page, we encourage you to do so. 

What's inside this month's box?

Vendor Item Size Value
Mia Wallace Magick
Spell Bottle
Mini $9
Jenn of Swords Bewitched Brews in “Bless” 1 oz. $15
Le Lune Light Candle 2 oz. $10
Angela Mary Magick
Altar Cloth, Exclusive Color
100% cotton, 20”X 20” $22
Rae Mystic
Artistic Photograph Print
4” x 5” $5
Selenite Necklace
18“ $30
Hype Priestess
Selenite Wand
3” $10
Witch Walk DTSA “Witch Up In This Bitch” Sticker Large $10

Total Value: $111

Upgraded Healing Options:

  • Jenn ✧ Email - Intuitive Tarot Reading

    • Short & Sweet E-Reading. 1 question, 1 card pulled. Jenn aka Jenn of Swords is a tarot reader from Orange County, California. This reading is for the busy but mystically curious person on the go: short, simple, and to the point. Your reading will be delivered via email within 24-48 hours of purchase.
  • TeeJay ✧  Phone - Ancestor Reading 

    • For this Witch Walk subscription box, Teejay Zeigler aka The Halfass Witch is offering her heavily requested Phone an Ancestor Reading! This is a 30 minute channeled session via phone call designed to connect and deepen your relationship with your ancestral team, and can be claimed by emailing thehalfasswitch@gmail.com. The Halfass Witch specializes in work beyond the veil, focusing on ancestral DNA connection and activation work. This reading combines her ancestral connection abilities, and your ancestor’s messages for you, to bring an enlightening and illuminating session.
  • Maria ✧  Light Language Reading